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Are you a true fan of Alex? He is one of the most talented Australian road and track cyclist and we are here to support him. You can be a part of our club and discover everything about him.s


Why We Created Alex’s Fan Club?

He is a true inspiration for all the youngsters who want to become an athletic or track cyclist in Australia. Alex is a three times World Champion, a World Record Holder at the Elite Men’s Level and holder of flour Australian National titles at a very young age. At Alex Edmondson Fan Club, we emphasise on supporting our real hero and promoting kids and young people to become a great sportsperson like him. You can be a part of our club and know everything about his life and career.

His Personal Life

This fan club is proud to bring you the personal life of Alex Edmondson in the best possible manner. From the beginning, he has a very interesting life. He was born above a Chinese coffee shop in Borneo and lived in Netherlands as well as the Sultanate of Oman before coming back to Australia at the end of 1998. He went to the St. John’s Grammar School, in the Adelaide Hills with his sister.

His Professional Life

Alex Edmondson became the 2nd youngest cyclist who was selected for an Australian Olympic Team at the age of 18. He was awarded a scholarship with the Sport Australia Hall of Frame and currently rides for UCI World Team, Team BikeExhange. He won world champion in the individual pursuit and won silver medal in the team pursuit at the 2016 Sumer Olympics in Rio de Janerio. He has been inspiring young kids and everyone across the world.

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An Inspiration & Guidance: Become A Cyclist Like Him

Alex Edmondson has achieved a lot of fame, rewards, tittles and money at the age of 27. He even became the youngest cyclist to make an Australian Olympic Team. If you want to become a cyclist like them, then get ready for a hard work. Here are some tips by professionals to help you achieve your goals:

Before getting into the actual training, make sure you check on some tasks and purchases for your safety and optimum results. These are: • Do not forget to tune-up and fix worn parts such as tires, chain and brake pads so that you can train yourself hard like a pro. • Install a good bike fit as it can reduce the numbness in the hands, help you ride comfortably and also alleviate pain in the knees and lower back. • Always wear a helmet because safety comes first. • Make sure you have padded cycling shorts and try to avoid cotton or moisture-wreaking fabrics.
When you begin, it is good to ride for 30 to 60 minutes two to five times a week. This will boost your cycling-based fitness. Focus on your breathing rate and spend time at improving it day by day. Stick to this stage for another two to six weeks, depending on your potential and fitness level.
It is good to going group rides one to three times a week to explore new skills of cycling. You can ask local bike shops and join short 15 to 30 km rides that average 20 kmph. Learn drafting by riding within half a bike length. Make sure you keep your head up to control pace changes and learn the best ways to maintain a steady distance between your front wheel and the back wheel.
In these phases and training, your speed as well as endurance will improve quickly. However, to level up your skills, you need to boost your ride frequency until you are riding three to five times a week. You should challenge yourself and increase your endurance with each passing day. It is good to ride six minutes at a very challenging intensity. Count it as one interval and do this three more times to complete the set. This will improve your potential and power you up for longer climbs.
Do three minute intervals by spinning a small gear without bouncing in the saddle. This will boost your breathing rate. Ride steady for three minutes between intervals. Do this six times and improve your cardiovascular health as well.
Consistency is what that can help you become a successful cyclist. So, train yourself hard, focus on your goals and keep improving your endurance potential. Challenges will keep you stay on track throughout your journey.

Alex’s Contribution inCommunity Events

Edmonson has led a very inspiring life. He won many championships at a very young age. His participation in community events across Australia made him the real hero of many youngsters.

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