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Explore the Nation on Your Cycle

At Alex Edmondson Fan Club, we encourage the cycling community across Australia to connect, enhance their skills, improve and have fun. Along with supporting our favourite athlete, we also encourage you to start your riding journey and explore the different parts of the country. Our fan club also supports those programs, events and activities that suit the needs of our cycling community. Alex also loves exploring new places on his cycle because it can also save the environment. Whether it is about using recently upgraded Edwardstown velodorome or joining the local clubs, we have something for everyone. We can help you find locally run events, activities and programs that can help you fulfil your biking passion.

Pedal Your Way to Beautiful Places

All our fan club members can explore different cities, such as Brisbane, Wollongong, Sydney, etc on their bikes. You can enjoy the city’s beautiful beaches, mountains, landscapes, roads and bridges on your bike. Use your pedal power and discover over 45 kilometres of shared pathways with your cycling community. We have one of the club members, Alex Meylands who is also a fan of Alex Edmondson. He has completed his double degree in Sports Management and Business Management in Ballarat and working with Cycling Victoria. He loves exploring the beautiful cities of Victoria, such as Melbourne via on his bike. So, if you are also passionate about cycling, then join such events and activities. We can help you find such programs and events.

Bravery of Downhill Riders

Downhill riders in Australia have experienced the slop, challenging tracks and mud at the the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. They need to stay focussed and should know how to ride the cycle on such tracks. Alex has experienced all of this and did hardcore training sessions for this. This type of race first held on Friday with riders and allotted an extra day of practice on Saturday. This type of biking sessions is held only with professional bikers or cyclists. If you want to experience downhill riding, then take professional training sessions.

Know More About Mountain Bike Australia

Mountain Bike Australia is the official body for mountain biking in Australia. The government via the Australian Sports Commission focussed on developing mountain biking across the nation. The aim is to lead the development and promotion for the advantages and enjoyment of all mountain cyclists and bikers. They offer services, trail advocacy and fulfil the basic requirements needed during the mountain biking. The purpose is to develop and advocate mountain biking as a healthy sporting. In addition to this, they have also developed relationships with cycling organisations. Giving safe and sound environment is also the main focus of Mountain Bike Australia.

Training for Junior Racing

Cycling is one of the most exciting, dynamic and fun sports. People in Australia love watching cycling championships and also want their kids to become a biker or cyclist. There are numerous opportunities to get involved from track, road, BMX, MTB, etc. You encourage your kids to join memberships for competitions. They will also get proper training and opportunities to complete at local clubs, national, state and national levels. Recreational rides are also organised to develop your kid’s interest and improve their skills. For more information on this, you can contact us and we will help you find activities and programs like this.

Australian Government Supports Para-Cycling

The identification of athletes in the cycling sport is performed by authorised classifiers in Australia according to the Union Cycliste International Classification rules. As per this test: An athlete must have a permanent impairment type and offer authentic medical documentation which clarifies their health condition as well as diagnosis. There is specific criteria which is applied to each sport to decide if an athlete’s impairment is sufficient for that particular sport. Training will be conducted under the supervision of professionals. If you want more information, then contact us. Our volunteers would love to assist you on this.