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Join Our Fan Club
Are you a true fan of Alex Edmondson? Become a member of our fan club

This is an ideal platform where the fans of Alex will come together and explore everything about him. Our goal is to support the cycling sport and create a massive fan base in Australia. You can join us and connect like-minded people from the cycling community. You can even participate in various events, activities and competitions organised by local groups and clubs to unleash your biking passion. We can help you find those clubs and groups in Australia.


“Cycling is a fun and exciting sport across the world.”

Are you interested in attending programs, events and activities where Alex is a guest speaker? Our fan club closely follows Alex and tries to gather all the relevant information that can help you everything about your favourite sportsperson.

We have a team of volunteers who runs his social media fan club pages and can help you know about the upcoming events so that you can arrange tickets and meet him.

There are many clubs and organisations that are working for the development, growth and facilitation of the cycling across Australia. Some of them are supported by the Australian Government as well to boost the participation in this sport.

They work with the sole aim to delivering development opportunities, support and services to all riders.