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About Us

This fan club is operated by group of Alex Edmondson’s fans with the objective to showcase his achievements, struggles, dedication and career journey to the world.

Our Mission

Alex Edmondson is one of the most renowned road and track cyclists in Australia. He has achieved a lot of national sportsman tiles at a very young age. His fan following has been increasing like a storm and we are here to support him and grow our fan base across the world. Our mission is to let everyone know the achievements of Alex and how he is inspiring everyone in the country as a young athlete.


We follow the passion of our favourite sportsman and want to support him in every phase. This platform is created for all the fans who love Alex Edmondson and inspired by his life. Our efforts will make us one of the leading fan clubs in Australia.


Alex Edmondson Fan Club was formed by Mark and Gerry in 2015 with the sole aim to build a strong fan base in Australia. We have created a pool of hundred and thousands of his fans across the country. Our fan club has been encouraging and supporting those who want to become an athlete and live a sportsman life.


You can become a prestigious member of our fan club and win exciting prizes and an opportunity to attend Alex’s community events. You can also meet like-minded people and discover more news, updates and other details of your most favourite cyclist. So, join us today and become a part of this fan club.

Years of Experience
Cities Covered
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Test Rides
We are here to share every single detail about Alex Edmondson- from his biography to latest interviews, everything.
He is an hard-working athlete and loves accepting challenges. His passion for riding and racing made him one of the best sportsmen in Australia.
For Alex, fitness is his topmost priority and that’s why he always support fitness campaigns and programs in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Perth, and other cities of Australia.
He always supports, and encourages his fans to follow their passion and reach the heights of success.
Alex has contributed his share of experience to nurture the society. He has participated in various community events and volunteered his time at local high schools in Australia to mentor young students.
There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Australia than on your bike. Alex has been a part of Ride Nation for years.

Don’t know where to begin? We have a team of volunteers who will help you find programs, events and experiences for beginners along with precise information and resources to help you become a good cycle rider.

  • Training sessions
  • Coaches Community
  • Ride on tracks and roads
  • Explore Safe Bike Routes

At Alex Edmondson Fan Club, we take pride in assisting all our club members by offering detailed information about their favourite athlete. Whether you are from Melbourne or Sydney, you can join us and create the biggest fan club in Australia.


Do you want to attend events and programs where Alex is a guest speaker? We can help you know about the upcoming events of Alex so that you can attend and meet your idol.

Our Trusted Team

The fan club is fully-dedicated to our true sportsman and we never fail to impress his fans with our precise information. Let’s have a look at our team: